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Ideal has brought a new, innovative concept of “Full Supplier” to the industry. The Full Supplier concept refers to a multidisciplinary approach focused on customer satisfaction and offering a complete response or solution to every need.

The Full Supplier process starts with the best product. Special products from around the world are delivered to points of sale through an impeccable logistics process. Each stage of this process includes continuous quality control, continuity of the cold chain, and careful supervision.

The essential principles of the Full Supplier concept include uninterrupted marketing support and procurement assurance services for the retailer.

The Full Supplier approach can provide experience and organization power in a short time. Through its Full Supplier perspective and expertise, Ideal offers a 360-degree service to all of its business partners.

From Farm to TableCold Chain Journey
Of The Fresh Flavors

Not breaking the "Cold Chain" means that keeping the heat of the products at the same level during shipment and storage processes. Thus, the products reach the sales points as in their freshest and tastiest conditions and from there to the tables.

The most important point of the Cold Chain is that post-harvest refrigerated products are not exposed to sunlight when transported from warehouses to vehicles, from vehicles to warehouses or sales points.

The Cold Chain journey of fresh foods that are not exposed to any heat exchange is kept under control by İdeal’s experienced and professional team until the sales points.

The placement of the products reaching the point of sales in cold cabinets continues with regular and meticulous controls of the field team.

The journey of flavours reaching from the branch to the tables with İdeal assurance is released gradually as follows.

Fruits and vegetables that have ripened on branches are harvested.
The harvested products are transported to and pre-cooled in storage units.
Products are delivered from one warehouse to another. Warehouse purchase points’ logistic processes are equipped with specially-climatized vehicles.
When the journey is completed, products are taken to cold storage units carefully to ensure that they will not be exposed to temperature changes.
Products are packed in special food-grade packages and prepared for loading.
Products are placed in refrigerated cabinets at their points of purchase.
Periodic cabinet and product checks are conducted by Ideal's personnel.
Products finally reach the consumer, with all their freshness and taste.

The Freshest ProductsThroughout The Year
and in Full Season 

Ideal allows the whole world to experience the four seasons at the same time by turning the seasonal cycles in different hemispheres into an advantage.

As seasonal fruits are harvested during the summer in the Southern Hemisphere, winter fruits are being harvested in the Northern Hemisphere. These products are then supplied at the same time by Ideal. This cycle is reversed during the opposite Winter-Summer period. Thus, Ideal makes it possible to access all seasonal products—which are harvested at precisely the right times—at any time of the year.

Given Ideal's global manufacturer network and its companies located abroad, a supply of fresh food can be sustained uninterruptedly throughout every season. Moreover, with its Full Supplier approach, Ideal can make fresh food accessible 365 days, through all four seasons.

Special Packaging at the Country Of Production

The products that Ideal supplies from different countries and different manufacturers are shipped with product-specific, ready-to-shelve, user-friendly packaging and boxes. These packages are suitable for maintaining the cold chain and shelf processing, and will keep food fully protected during shipping. Packages are made at products’ country of origin, and they are designed and manufactured with a high level of detail and style to display the product for the seller and attract the buyer.

The production, shipment, and supply of packages can be carried out smoothly and quickly thanks to Ideal’s long-term operational power and supplier relations.

Where Are Products Packaged?

Verita Currant-Netherlands, Verita Gold Pineapple-Costa Rica, Verita Plane Pineapple-Costa Rica, Verita Coconut-India, Verita Honey Pomelo-China, Verita Tamarind-Thailand, Verita White Garlic-China, Verita Asparagus-Peru, Verita Lime-Brazil, Pepita Fresh Ginger-China, Pepita Garlic-China, Pepita Avocado-Kenya, Pepita Pineapple-Costa Rica.


Turkey Produces,İdeal Exports for the World

Ideal, which encourages local producers to manufacture following global standards, supports domestic agriculture by exporting products that are manufactured through Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

The export of domestically manufactured products such as strawberries, cherries, blueberries, avocados, kiwis, Gold kiwis, mangoes, figs, apricots, peaches, nectarines, grapes, apples, pears, quince, lemons, tangerines, oranges, grapefruit, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, fresh beans, and zucchini is increasing frequently with the addition of new varieties.

With its experience and knowledge in global markets, Ideal raises manufacturers’ awareness about market needs and manages the export process by finding the right products and the right markets. In this way, products that domestic manufacturers produce following global quality standards are exported to world markets—and, in turn, value is added to the national economy.