Ideal From Past to Today




Turkey was able to enjoy kiwi for the first time with the establishment of Turkey's first kiwi brand, Verita.
At the Bayrampaşa Wholesale Market, a new sales point was added with the opening of Verita’s office #208.
Ankara became the first Verita sales point outside of Istanbul.
Pepita brand was born, establishing a foundation for branding in different segments.
Kitle Tarım Ürünleri AŞ was established.
İdeal Tarım Ürünleri Ticareti AŞ was established.
The first kiwi sorting machine was introduced to Turkish manufacturers and kiwi standardization studies began.
Product shipment transit to points of purchase was conducted for the first time in Turkey.
Fresh Ginger joined the Verita product family, giving Turkey the opportunity to enjoy fresh ginger for the first time.
İzmir branch opened and began operating.
Verita Holland BV was established.
Production in Denizli started.
Pomelo joined the Verita product family, Turkey met with Pomelo for the first time.
Verita expanded to offer a new service: Verita fruit salads became available for consumers.
The Verita Organic category was created.
Verita Tropical Costa Rica SA was established.
Gold kiwi R&D studies began.
Mert Tarim Ürünleri Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ Genel Merkezi moved to Antalya.
Tamarind joined the Verita product family, Turkey met with Pomelo for the first time.
Ekopita, Gurme Kivi, and Dr. Blue brands were officially registered.
A forest fruit category was created for the first time in Turkey.
The first of Ideal’s Operator Points started conducting business at the Etiler CarrefourSA Gurme store.
Verita’s “Source of Vitamin” idea was realized and offered through sales points.
"Ready to Eat" concept was created for the first time in Turkey. Ready-to-eat, matured, gourmet Verita avocado, mango, and papaya became available for consumers.

With the advertising of Verita’s fresh turmeric, turmeric was able to reach a wide audience.
The first issue of "Meyveli Rehber”—a first in its sector with the aim of strengthening the emotional bond with the consumer—was published within the scope of Verita’s periodical publication project.
Sponsorship activities including fairs, festivals, TV programs, market events, workshops, social responsibility projects, and sports and art activities were strongly promoted.
Within the scope of the “Fruits of the World” project, product launches and press conferences were held alongside trade offices within participating countries.
Verita Raw Juice which does not contain any additives or preservatives, is cold pressed, fresh and natural was presented in market shelves.
Ideal Agriculture Products SDN BHD was established in Malaysia.
Blueberry production started in Trabzon.
Following Ideal's standards, Pepita family's local vegetable group attracted great interest in the domestic market.