Branding Success
With Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

"Fruits of the World"Verita

Founded 25 years ago as the first brand of Ideal Tarım, Verita prides itself on living by its “Fruits of the World" motto, bringing the highest quality and most delicious fruits from 44 countries to its consumers.

Manufactured, shipped, and supplied in accordance with global quality standards, Verita branded products are available for sale every day of the year in national chain markets, local markets, greengrocers, and fruit and vegetable wholesale market halls. The Verita Product Catalogue is as follows.

Verita Product Catalogue

Verita Fruity Guide

One of the first innovations introduced to the sector with the Verita brand is the Verita Fruity Guide. The periodical publication project aims to strengthen the emotional bond between the brand and its consumers. The Fruity Guide, which features a diverse range of flavors and health information, aims to inform and entertain its readers. It can be reached at various points of sale and on the website.