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S. Zeki Birincioğlu’s journey in the fresh fruit trade started with the import of bananas at the end of the 1980s, which expanded with the addition of kiwis to the portfolio. In those early years, Turkey experienced the kiwifruit for the first time and the brand “Verita” was born.

By institutionalizing the İdeal Tarım Ürünleri Trade, which was established in 2002, Birincioğlu has become a model fruit and vegetable supplier and distributor not only in Turkey but also across the world in a short period of time. Since 2002, Ideal has been working to introduce a variety of global tastes to Turkey and the world by providing high-quality services.
Ideal has developed a service concept that employs every innovation and technology across all areas including fruit and vegetable cultivation, harvesting, standardization, storage, packaging, and logistics.

As a result of years of experience and success, the freshest fruits and vegetables have been cultivated and harvested in 44 countries across six continents to meet the point of purchase and reach consumers.

Ideal added the "Full Supplier" concept to the industry, which covers all needs in the supply process with an emphasis on quality. This concept features a unique focus on food safety and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

Ideal recently achieved a new standard by launching the production of pineapple for Turkey in Costa Rica, using a domestic company in another country while maintaining Ideal’s high quality.
Ideal has been tenacious about quality, customer satisfaction, and innovation since its establishment. Currently, it continues to expand its investments with new projects, to grow its producer and supplier network, and to explore various food products.

Ideal’s Aim And Its Vision For The Future

Ideal aims to find high-quality, tasty, reliable, seasonable fruits and vegetables that are produced in the best possible way from the best producers across the world. Ideal’s goal is to provide these fruits and vegetables to consumers 365 days of the year by preserving their freshness.

Ideal's vision is to add further value to every product that is added to its range of products, from production to consumption. Ideal is well on its way towards becoming an indispensable, high-quality products and service provider and “Full Supplier” for the world.

The Principles and Values That Have Carried Ideal to Date

  • Globalism
  • To develop high-quality, tasty, reliable new products and deliver these products to world markets with the highest standards.
  • Innovation Investment
  • To pursue innovations to achieve sustainable quality; to invest in innovation.
  • Search for the Best
  • To supply the best products from the best growing regions and the best producers.
  • High Standards
  • Raising standards with perspectives and applications that will improve the sector.
  • Creating Added Value
  • Developing marketing activities to create added value.
  • Latest Technology
  • To improve the quality of products and services in storage, quality control, and distribution applications—in short, at every stage of the "Full Supplier" approach—through the use of advanced technology.
  • Ethical Trade, Responsible Production
  • To work with agricultural practices that require an ethical understanding of trade and responsible production while maintaining high service standards.
  • Maintaining Trust
  • Protecting Ideal’s "quality fruit brand" image, effectuated over 20 years of experience and special care and continuing to offer high-quality products and services.