Ideal, Full SupplierOf The World

Ideal’s Invaluable Business Partners, Invaluable Friends and Employees;

As Ideal family, we are on our way to actualize our dream of being a world brand firstly by believing, fighting and working hard for the values ​​we believe in without giving up.

In this journey, which we first started with Verita brand in 1997, we established Ideal Tarim Ürünleri Ticareti A.S. in 2002 without making no concessions of honesty, which is the indispensable principle of our family and all our employees.

Today, with the concept of “Fruits of the World’’, we bring together tens of quality fruits and vegetables from 6 continents and 44 countries with our consumers. But; what we are very proud of is the challenging process that we started with imports, and now we have become the growers and even exporters of many tropical products with the awareness that has emerged in our country.

In this way, we have started with the principle of full supplier, today it manages global movements; we cooperate with global organizations in order to increase quality and efficiency in production, purchasing, storage, transportation.

We develop new practices by following new information and technologies on such subjects as fruit growing, harvesting, standardization, storage, packaging and logistics. Thus, we contribute to the rise of the standards of the sector.

We closely follow the agricultural production standards all over the world and strive for excellence. We bring together our unique fruits and vegetables with our consumers with the trust and brand value provided in the quality of the products and we carry out various activities to take place these products in the kitchens.

I would like to declare with great happiness and faith that we will continue to carry out all the works by all our sincerity and ethical values ​​ within the frame of respecting for human and nature.

Today we would like to thank all our dear friends, business partners and family who were with us; I offer respect, greetings and love to all of you.


S. Zeki Birincioğlu
İdeal Tarım Ürünleri Tic. AŞ
Chairman of the Board