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Turkey (Headquarters) İdeal Tarım Ürünleri Ticareti A.Ş. - İstanbul

Ideal operates globally. Manufacturers, suppliers, and company structures import and export fresh fruits and vegetables to 44 different countries.

Verita, Pepita, and Ekopita brands feature a range of different target audiences and markets. The "Full Supplier" concept and approach is at the center of Ideal’s service and perspective.


Selçuk Serçe General Manager
İdeal Tarım Ürünleri Ticareti A.Ş.

General Distributing Points In Turkey

Antalya Mert Agricultural Products Industry & Trade Inc.

Mert Tarim was established in 1996 in Istanbul. In 2011, its head office was moved to Antalya in order to serve the developing market conditions more effectively. Developing its activities every day, Mert Tarim offers exotic-tropical fruits and vegetables grown in different geographies and climates of the world. Mert Tarim particularly serves consumers in the Mediterranean Region and provides fresh vegetables and fruits grown in the Anatolian territory to consumers in foreign markets.

Ufuk Güngör
General Manager
Mert Agricultural Products Industry & Trade Inc.

+90 542 543 75 13


Bayrampaşa Wholesale Market

Opened in 1998 in Istanbul, Bayrampaşa is the Ideal Agricultural Office No. 208 and it carries out the distribution and launch of the highest quality products with its long years of experience in the sector.

İzmir Branch Office

Since 2006, the Izmir Branch has been in charge of sales points in the Aegean Region, delivering products from the central warehouse to the region. In addition, it conducts activities to promote products in the region by contacting new sales points and potential customers.

Yalova Warehouse

The warehouse located in Yalova provides the highest quality fruits, vegetables, materials, equipment, and services in the region, specializing in kiwi. The region’s products are stored following appropriate storage conditions—for instance, humidity settings are carefully controlled. All of these products are shipped to the central warehouse.

Denizli Yard

Denizli Yard features 1,000 acres of land in Denizli, Turkey. Apples, pears, and grapes are grown for all world markets following the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification requirements. Some of the land is used for R & D, and studies have been conducted with a team of 40 people. At this facility, the suitability of products to the region, geography, and climate are tested and the entire production process is monitored.

Trabzon Yard

Blueberries that can meet the market’s demands and be supplied throughout the season are grown in 20 acres of land located in Trabzon, which holds an "Organic" certification. A team of three people carries out the production process on sun- and south-facing land with proper water drainage, airflow, humidity, and acid levels.

Antalya Packaging

Based on market and customer needs, fresh fruits and vegetables from the best manufacturers in the Mediterranean are packaged in accordance with Ideal's brand criteria at the packaging station in Antalya. Then, they are shipped to the warehouse and various sales points.

Netherlands Verita Holland BV - Ridderkerk

Established in 2007, Verita Holland BV has been recognized as a reliable global partner in the trade of quality fruits and vegetables.

Muhammet Çakır General Manager
Verita Holland BV

+31 1 8061 5750

Costa Rica Verita Tropicals Costa Rica SA - San Carlos

Verita Tropicals Costa Rica SA, which has been operating in Costa Rica's San Carlos area since 2011, distributes many fruits and root crops grown in the country—particularly pineapple—to Middle East, European, Far East, and Russian markets.

Mert Büke General Manager
Verita Tropicals Costa Rica SA

NL : +31 6 5262 9296 (WhatsApp)
TR : +90 532 587 0911
CR : +506 8652 8729

Malaysia Ideal Agriculture Products SDN BHD - Selangor

Ideal Agriculture Products SDN BHD was established in 2019 with the onset of trade relations between Malaysia and the ideal. Region-specific agricultural products such as carambola, jackfruit, mangosteen and rambutan are distributed throughout the world through the Netherlands and Turkey. Also, apples, kiwi, figs, cherries, apricots, pomegranates etc. products that are produced in Turkey are introduced to the consumers in Malaysia.

Ali Utku Arsoy Director
Ideal Agriculture Products SDN BHD

+90 532 371 28 69