Healthier FutureWith Food Safety

From Field to TableSafe Food

During the supply chain process, fruits and vegetables grown in natural environments are at risk of exposure to physical, biological, and chemical hazards that may be harmful to human health. Food safety measures have been developed and designed to protect products from these potential hazards.

Ideal applies food safety controls to its supply and procurement process to support a healthy future. Ideal also provides high-quality standardization across its brands to produce reliable food.

Ideal's food safety control process begins with expert soil and leaf analysis. Our system ensures that each product is analyzed according to its needs and monitored up until it is harvested at precisely the right time.

Hygienic Conditionsand Safe Packaging

Harvested products are packaged under hygienic conditions in food-free packaging in facilities that follow ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System standards. Packaging conditions and products are free of pharmaceutical residues. Ideal carefully selects its service providers for packaging according to their compliance with these standards.
Hygiene, sanitation, and preventive care systems sh

ould be used in the food industry to guarantee the safety of foods. In this respect, food safety is the most sought-after quality feature.

Ideal offers its brands’ products in special packages that follow the food safety system and preserve the cold chain process. Thus, reliability, freshness, and flavor are ensured by providing appropriate storage conditions. All of our products are protected by specially-designed, user-friendly inner and outer packaging while the consumer can review product information on the outer packaging.

One of the Critical Factors of  Food Safety:  Cold Chain

“Cold chain” refers to the process of keeping products at the right temperature during shipment and storage. Products that reach their points of purchase without temperature changes maintain their freshness and integrity without being exposed to chemical changes that cause deterioration and rotting.

Therefore, the cold chain begins at the moment of harvest and ends once the product reaches the consumer. This process is also accompanied by continuous food safety controls.

Products are still carefully handled after they reach their points of purchase, and the cold chain and food safety measures are ensured through routine controls performed by Ideal's teams. All stages of the procurement process are carried out meticulously to ensure that consumers have access to healthy, high-quality, and delicious products.

GLOBAL GAP andGood Agricultural Practices (GAP)

The European chain sales channels have conducted studies to minimize products’ potential threats to human health and to guarantee their safety. These studies have resulted in the Global Gap Protocol. This protocol, which is valid all over the world, certifies the compliance of production methods with specific criteria through a GLOBAL GAP Certificate.

Most of Ideal’s products are GLOBAL GAP-certified and produced according to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Ideal has also documented that its products that do not hold this certificate have undergone production processes following the applicable norms.

Children are preparing for a healthy future with "Ideal"


It is quite common for children to turn to unhealthy junk food and adopt irregular eating habits. Bad eating habits learned at a young age can become permanent, threatening the health of future generations.

With this knowledge, Ideal promotes sponsorship activities at events that focus on early awareness for families and children. This is one of the ways in which Ideal fulfills its social responsibility.

For example, the "Meyve Dostu" (Fruit Friendly) activity is organized by the Verita brand for children who are 3-6 years old and for teachers. In this activity, children are introduced to different types of fruits. At the same time, children are taught about the benefits of fresh food in a fun way.

In addition, free publications such as the Verita Fruity Guide include fun pages to make children love fruits and adopt healthy eating habits.
Ideal invests more and more every year in social responsibility projects for healthy generations and healthy children.