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Fresh turmeric, Peru's medicinal plant, which was presented by Verita to consumers in Carrefoursas all over Turkey, was introduced at the event.

Fresh turmeric, which is the subject of scientific research with its curcumin-like compounds and has written more than 10 thousand articles about it, is described by experts as a natural armour against diseases.


Peru's Super Flavours From Verita Are In Carrefoursa!

Fernando Albareda, Peruvian Trade Attaché to the fresh turmeric promotion invitation hosted by Verita and Carrefoursa, Deputy General Manager of Carrefoursa category food, Ayşin Işıkgece, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ideal Agriculture. Zeki Firstioğlu and Health Nutrition and diet expert Taylan Kümeli and chef Vedat Başaran participated.

Speaking at the invitation, Peruvian Trade Attaché Fernando Albareda briefed on the volume of trade between Peru and Turkey and the share of agricultural products. In 2017, Albareda stated that Peru exports $ 49 million to Turkey, noting that its largest export items are zinc and gold.

Albareda pointed to the growing share of agricultural products and exotic fruits in the volume of trade. He stressed that exotic products such as grapes, blueberries, mangoes, asparagus and avocados, as well as the main agricultural products exported from Peru, are quinoa, artichoke corned, chia seeds and pulses.

Fernando Albareda said fresh turmeric was a key export item of Peru, adding that 1,837 tons of fresh turmeric were exported from Peru in 2017, worth a total of $ 5.83 million.

Order 20 tons of turmeric at a time from Turkey

Trade Attaché Albareda told Turkey that the first fresh turmeric exports took place on February 2018 and that 20 tons of turmeric exports were made in one go. Albareda noted that the monetary value of this was about $ 111bin.

Albareda, Peru to Turkey in the short and medium-term, the potential for further export of coffee, cocoa, artichokes, maca root plant, amaranth plant and asparagus, he said.

CarrefourSA category food Deputy General Manager Aysin Işıkgece said in his assessment: "CarrefourSA as a tropical root plant that does not stop counting the benefits of fresh turmeric so far, our consumers were presented in a packed way. We are now beginning to offer a plentiful and fresh way with affordability policy, as with our turmeric – age vegetable-fruit products. Our consumers who come to our markets will be able to buy turmeric at a very affordable price when they stop by our age vegetable and fruit Department. We believe that interest in turmeric will increase with its natural antioxidant properties, which it offers from the digestive system to the circulation.”

A healthy diet and diet expert Taylan Çukeli explained the benefits of this special fruit. “Turmeric has long been used for its digestive system, inflammation-relieving and antioxidant benefits, "said Kümeli, noting that fresh turmeric is the natural antioxidant that sources curcumin. The source of the benefits of fresh turmeric is the miraculous ingredients that are made up of the curcumin-like ingredients and essential oils it contains,” he said.

Chairman Of The Board Of Directors Of Ideal Agriculture S. Zeki first, the price of 100 grams of fresh turmeric in Turkey during the year in markets ranging from about 10-25 TL pointed out, "CarrefourSA markets to be sold in 20 tons of turmeric imports we made. While a small amount of imported fresh turmeric was being sold at high prices due to high costs, with this action of Carrefoursa it achieved reasonable prices. The price of 100 grams of turmeric at this time has fallen to 1.5 TL The 100 grams, which is enough for a family's consumption, are sold for 1.5 TL at the price that anyone can reach. The natural protection against diseases of this healing plant, which does not stop counting the benefits, has been proven by experts,” he said.

About Verita: Fresh fruit for 12 months
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