Zerdeçalın Bilinmeyen Faydaları

In addition to the turmeric, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, the extraordinary benefits it provides will be quite surprising.

Health Nutrition and Diet Specialist Taylan Kümeli talked about the benefits of turmeric...

Painkillers and wounds healing: according to research conducted at Stanford University, the active ingredient of turmeric is "curcumin", with painkillers. After mixing the grated turmeric with a little water and purify it, you can drive on the burns and cuts.

Antimicrobial: The turmeric puree that you use in your open wounds kills existing bacteria and acts as a barrier to potential bacteria.

The reflux is good: turmeric calms the acids of the stomach and alleviates the pain of GERD. However, it needs to be taken on a full stomach. The turmeric that is taken on an empty stomach triggers the well-being on the contrary.

It accelerates the healing of bone fractures: 1 cup of milk with a piece of 2.5 cm of turmeric, cooked without boiling for 15 minutes. The drinking of this milk accelerates the healing of bone fractures.

It is used in the treatment of depression: the antioxidant and neuroprotective properties of the substance "curcumin" reduce anxiety and stress.

Strengthen memory: neuroprotective properties of the substance "curcumin" help in preventing memory problems.

Reduces the side effects of morphine-containing drugs: it reduces side effects, as well as prevents users from developing tolerance against drugs containing morphine.

It's good for the flu: turmeric is used in the treatment of flu for centuries.

It reduces nicotine damage to the lungs: turmeric reduces the swelling in the lungs of smokers. Of course, the best thing is not to drink.

Reduces the damage caused by alcohol in the body: With its antioxidant properties, the turmeric taken after alcohol use relaxes the liver.

Reduces menstrual pains: The pain reliever and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric are also effective in reducing menstrual pains.

Effective in urinary tract infections: antimicrobial properties of the substance "curcumin" help to improve urinary tract infections.

Help in the treatment of eczema: "Curfriin", reduces the itching of eczema.

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