The Golden Recipe Of Nature: Fresh Turmeric

For many years, the fresh turmeric, which has been used for the digestive tract, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, has been in front of several medicinal herbs that research about the science world. This medicinal herb, which was imported by Verita from Peru, is now available for sale only 1.5 TL for 100 grams in the markets.

Food safety continues to exist as a growing problem all over the world. Foods that are brought into dry or powdered form are also inviting diseases as they lose their basic useful components. The most beneficial way to protect against harmful substances is through the fresh consumption of food.

Healthy Nutrition and Diet Specialist Taylan Kümeli, the content of curcumin, essential oils and miraculous ingredients in the fresh turmeric, now pouring in the markets 100 grams of only 1.5 TL, stating that the benefits of this medicinal plant It goes like this;

Helps dissolve digestive system diseases

Due to its ability to increase bile production which helps digestion, it emphasises that fresh turmeric reduces indigestion and heartburn complaints by Taylan Kümeli; "Fresh turmeric helps to control the"ulcerative colitis "of inflammatory bowel diseases while calming the sensitive bowel disease, which affects more women. However, excessive consumption must be considered as a reverse effect and the stomach is more uncomfortable because of the need to pay attention to the "warning.

Prevents inflammation, reduces joint pain

With the emphasis on the benefits of fresh turmeric in preventing joint pains and inflammation, Taylan Kümeli; "Nowadays, nutrition disorder, the increase in the consumption of ready and processed food, inactivity and obesity, the inflammatory processes that do not heal in many people. According to the research, fresh turmeric helps prevent the inflammatory process with the curtain compound it contains, but also helps in reducing the joint pains that occur in the advancing ages," he said.

Promotes cardiovascular health

Noting that the scientific research has also attracted the attention of the fresh turmeric, the stopping of vascular liming, the reduction of plaque formation in the arteries and the prevention of blood clot formation, and these characteristics, heart diseases, heart There are scientific studies that help prevent the crisis and stroke, and also in clinical trials for the treatment of cancer, the contribution of the curated component of the fresh turmeric is extensively investigated.

Effective against foreignness and Alzheimer's disease

Taylan Kümeli, "The research conducted in 2015 of the Swinburne University in Austria examined the effects of curcumin extract from 60 to 85 years of 60 age. The visual and auditory memory and arithmetic results were found to be more successful in half of the volunteers who saw the curate. Curfriin is also effective against Alzheimer's disease and is considered to be used as a precaution, said Kümeli, "One of the causes of Alzheimer's disease plaques on the neurons of beta-amyloid proteins accumulate in brain cells Paternalism. Curfriin is thought to protect the brain against free radicals by preventing the beta-amyloid proteins from coming together," she says.

Watch out for preoperative and pregnancy!

The amount of daily use for fresh turmeric can be 6 – 8 grams, indicating that Taylan Kümeli; "But in a week of fresh turmeric, people who will have surgery should not consume. We also recommend not to consume intensely because it can increase uterine contractions in pregnant women. " You can add health to food, soup, meat, fish, salad, yoghurt, everything with fresh turmeric, "nature's golden prescription. There is a very practical golden sauce recipe for you to prepare with fresh turmeric. This health-filled sauce, you can use it in all your meals " she says.

The golden sauce recipe of Taylan Kümeli is as follows:

Fresh shredded turmeric, olive oil, and some freshly ground pepper. Mix all three in a jar. It will add a perfect flavour to your salad and yoghurt.

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