Natural Protection For Winter Months: Pitaya

This is the natural protection method of winter months of this famous exotic fruit, called Pitaya, Pitahaya, dragon fruit, strawberry pear, cactus fruit or dragon fruit, with the influence of different cultures in countries where new awareness has grown in our country. Most commonly known as Pitaya, the effect of vitamin C in its content shows a strong antioxidant feature.

These days, when the summer heat is gradually behind, it prepares itself in cold and freezing days in our body. In this preparation process, the tropical fruit of exotic lands, which is a natural protector with its rich content, Pitaya strengths the immune system and acts as a natural shield against diseases.

Pitaya, offered to market and sales points by Verita in Turkey, is among the other benefits of lowering blood pressure, including high blood pressure and helping to weaken.

Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Healthy nutrition and diet specialist Taylan Kümeli states that it strengthened the immune system with the influence of vitamin C in its content and by showing antioxidant effect by vitamin C effects, Pitaya protects the body from diseases in terms of health many different. "Since there is a lot of calcium in Pitaya, it has positive effects on the development and health of the bones. He's lowering blood pressure, and he's in the way of high blood pressure, supporting the healing process. Pitaya, which contains abundant lycopene, reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases with the effect of Licopin."

The most natural solution to the skin and eye dryness

Underlining that the low sugar ratio is also one of the important supporters of type 2 diabetes, he emphasises that there are so few calories in Pitaya and that it helps to weaken thanks to its fibrous structure. Because of the protection of the body's moisture balance, especially for those who live in the skin dryness is one of the most natural solutions of Pitaya expressed in the Taylan Kümeli, thanks to the potassium in the content is particularly important for those who suffer from the dryness of the eye Recording.

A tropical voyage from Malaysia to Turkey

It grows in many different places such as Malaysia, Mexico, Central and South America, Indonesia, Vietnam, and is the fruit of a plant in the cacti family, Pitaya or other known as the Dragon fruit, pink, thick and similar to the thirst under the different crust of black The beans are white or red fruit. The reason why it is called white or red is that the inner part of Pitaya varies according to the type of colour. As for the name, it is said to be Pitaya, Pitahaya, dragon fruit, strawberry pear, cactus fruit or Dragon Fruit by the influence of different cultures of the countries where it grows because new awareness has increased in our country.

About Verita: Fresh fruit for 12 months
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