It's Easier To Lose Weight Now

Support for those who have difficulty losing weight and have digestive problems comes from Malaysia. Pineapple, Malaysia's world-famous exotic fruit, accelerates fat burning with its digestion facilitator feature. Pineapple has a positive effect on many diseases, from cancer to blood pressure, yellow spots in the eyes to gingivitis.

The most effective solution for those who spend the summer months in quite a form and want to move this fit image to the winter season is again from nature. Pineapple, which is among the most beneficial fruits with high nutritional value, accelerates fat burning by facilitating digestion. Pineapple, which is one of the richest fruits in vitamin C, is an effective fruit in Turkey from the protection of skin, hair and nail health to increase the body's resistance to various diseases.

Burns fat quickly prevents constipation

With its high nutritional value and antioxidant properties, especially in our country in recent years, pineapple has become widespread, indicating that it is an ideal choice for those with weight problems underlines the Healthy Diet and diet expert Taylan Cumeli, this fruit will be seen in many diet lists created to lose weight, he says. Kümeli states that pineapple, which is rich in nutrient fibre, comes first among the recommended fruits to be consumed against various digestive problems, especially constipation.

Balancing free radicals

Vitamin C is also one of the important vitamins in a healthy immune system, noting that Cumeli, especially the antioxidant property of pineapple is a different place in terms of Health is emphasized. "Vitamin C, which is among the water-soluble antioxidant vitamins, protects the body by balancing the free radicals that lead to vascular congestion, diabetes-related heart disease, respiratory diseases and many more.” description.

The effects of pineapple fruit, which is an antioxidant store with Thai cluster, on the body and ailments are listed as follows;

Macular degeneration: macular degeneration, known as Yellow Spot disease and retinal disease, is an eye disease that occurs more often after the age of 55 and can lead to vision loss if necessary treatment is not performed. Experts recommend more frequent consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidant vitamins, including pineapple fruit, to protect against yellow spots and other eye diseases.

Bromelain: “bromelain”, which is a mixture of enzymes used to digest proteins that are found in pineapple and taken with foods, has many benefits. The enzyme bromelain, which prevents inflammation, reduces swelling due to the body's water retention, helps treat gout, accelerates digestion of proteins and contributes to the digestive system. It also relieves symptoms of diseases such as sinusitis and joint inflammation, which are seen with inflammation.

Cancer: recent research has shown that the pineapple-specific bromelain enzyme reduces the number of cancer cells in laboratory animals without damaging the immune system. Gums-according to a study conducted by the University of Buffalo, those who take less than 60 mg (about 1 Pineapple) of vitamin C a day is 1.5 times more at risk of gum inflammation than those who do not.

Bone health: manganese mineral, which is abundant in Pineapple, is among the most important elements in terms of bone health along with calcium, zinc and copper.

Weight loss: found in pineapple is the enzyme bromelain which helps in the digestion of fats and proteins during digestion by an enzyme called lipase which is used in conjunction with a variety of working prevents fat build up in the body. In addition to containing the enzymes used to digest protein by the body, pineapple is also one of the fruits rich in nutrient fibre that is critical for digestion. The fibre found in pineapple collects the water in the intestines, slowing digestion. This helps the body absorb more vitamins and minerals from food.

Blood pressure: getting enough potassium (4700 mg daily recommended amount) ensures that blood pressure (blood pressure) is balanced. Pineapple containing potassium (986 mg in 1 fruit) can help lower high blood pressure and keep it under control.

Skin: we know how important vitamin C is to skin and hair health. Pineapple, which contains a high amount of vitamin C, makes it easier for the body to synthesize collagen, making the skin more resilient and reducing acne formation.

Calories and nutritional values of pineapple

100 grams peeled pineapple;

  • 50 calories
  • 5 grams of protein
  • 8 grams of sugar
  • 4 grams of nutrient fibre (6% of daily need)
  • 58 IU vitamin A (1% of daily need)
  • 8 mg vitamin C (80% of daily need)
  • 7 MCG vitamin K (1% of daily need)
  • 1 mg vitamin B1 (5% of daily need)
  • 5 mg vitamin B3 (2% of daily need)
  • 1 mg vitamin B6 (6% of daily need)
  • 18 MCG folate (5% of daily need)
  • 13 mg calcium (1% of daily need)
  • 3 mg iron (2% of daily need)
  • 12 mg magnesium (3% of daily need)
  • 8 mg phosphorus (1% of daily need)
  • 109 mg potassium (3% of daily need)
  • 1 mg zinc (1% of daily requirement)
  • 1 mg copper (6% of daily need)
  • It contains 9 mg of manganese (46% of daily need).

    About 86 grams of 100 grams of pineapple is water. The same amount of pineapple contains 17 mg omega 3, 23 mg omega 6 fatty acids.

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