Healing Tank "Fresh Turmeric" Four Seasons At Tables

Good news to those who want to eat healthy from Verita!
Healing Tank "fresh turmeric" is on your table for four seasons.

Verita added a new member of the Tropical fruit family. Verita fresh turmeric has taken its place on the shelves with its aromatic bitter flavour, beautiful scent and freshness texture for those who want to eat healthily.

The health benefits are ready to add flavour to new recipes in the fresh form of turmeric, known for centuries in Far Eastern cultures. Verita continues to introduce flavour enthusiasts to new tastes by bringing the "fruits of the world" to our country for over twenty-five years from 6 continents 35 countries.

The Ginger family has a fibrous texture with an orange colour beneath the thin crust of the turmeric. The antioxidant property and the "curated" substance contained in the turmeric are the favourites of the healers, while the aromatic and unique taste.

There are many alternatives to eating fresh turmeric used in many recipes from salads to rice, soup to sauce. When consumed with black pepper, the absorption of beneficial ingredients in it increases up to 20 times.

As the beneficial essential oils are lost in the drying process of plants, the nutritional value of fresh turmeric is much higher than in powdered form. Fresh turmeric foods rich in vitamin C and E add both colour and aroma and health, helping to increase the immune system.

Verita fresh turmeric packaged and presented by the quality standards can be found in 100 grams packages in select markets, grocery stores, transfers and spices. Verita fresh turmeric can be stored in a cool and dry place for at least two weeks without losing anything from freshness and nutritional value.

You can try delicious fresh turmeric recipes at Istinye Park Carrefour on Saturday, May 13th, with the participation of Thai ambassador Suvat Chirapant and Health Nutritionist Taylan Kümeli.

About Verita: Fresh fruit for 12 months
Verita, which started importing bananas in the 1980s, brings all kinds of fruit that grows in 6 continents, 36 different countries and different climates to Turkey for 12 months in regular, healthy, high quality, economical and hygienic conditions in all season. Verita manages the import chain to Turkey with its organisations in Costa Rica and Holland to increase quality and efficiency globally. With more than 30 varieties in its portfolio, it presents the "Fruits of the World" to the consumer's appreciation in every part of Turkey with Verita standards, especially in selected markets and grocery stores. Verita can export the apples, pears and grape species produced for the Turkish market in a 1000 acres of land located in Denizli.