Fruits of the world in one basket

Extraordinary tropical flavours that you don't even know the NAME and the TASTE of until today are just a phone away from you!

Whether you consume it or give it away. If you think that can fruit be a gift, please heed us... New trend, a fancy basket full of colourful and different types of exotic fruit, is fascinating. İdeal Tarım AŞ has gathered the fruits from many different countries under Verita brand, which made a significant first in fruits.

In this way, exotic fruits, which are grown in different tropical regions of the world, are served in a single basket in Turkey in the freshest, fastest and most economical way at the season, which are delicious, full of vitamins, healthy and energy repository. People who receive this basket for the first time from someone are surprised and very happy with the stylish basket full of exotic fruits instead of a classic gift. Do you feel like eating grapes, plum or nectarine in the middle of the winter? Or do you feel like having rambutan, mangosteen or carambola that you barely learned the names, you ate in the Far East on your honeymoon? How about a delicious slice of papaya, pineapple or a kiwi that will relieve your metabolism? Don't you want to prepare a cold or hot ginger tea that you can make out of fresh turmeric to fasten up your metabolism? Don't you want a yummy tropical fruitcake next to your tea? Chocolate fondant with pineapple, mango, papaya, kiwi or winter cherry. You must try this. Do you want to organise an unforgettable event for your guests? Or add colour to an invitation to join? On special occasions such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or Father's Day, how about being with your loved ones in the exotic atmosphere of the tropical climate? Don't you think that a mother-to-be deserves to be pumped with fruits such as kumquat, Lein, Cherimoya, Granadilla, Tamarillo and Mango? Are you struggling to decide what to take when visiting holidays, patient visits, or seeing a baby? If you're bored with classic gifts and want to confuse people, making a difference in a stylish, health-filled basket that appeals to both the eye and the palate is now easier than you think. It is possible to reach these baskets by telephone. Fruits in the fruit basket are Coconut, pineapple, carambola, curuba, papaya, avocado, kumquat, leek, lime, Cherimoya, Fejoya, Kivano, Guvey lighthouse, passionflower, Mango, rambutan, fresh ginger, Pepino, Granadilla, Tamarillo, Mangosteen and kiwi.

About Verita: Fresh fruit for 12 months
Verita, which started importing bananas in the 1980s, brings all kinds of fruit that grows in 6 continents, 36 different countries and different climates to Turkey for 12 months in regular, healthy, high quality, economical and hygienic conditions in all season. Verita manages the import chain to Turkey with its organisations in Costa Rica and Holland to increase quality and efficiency globally. With more than 30 varieties in its portfolio, it presents the "Fruits of the World" to the consumer's appreciation in every part of Turkey with Verita standards, especially in selected markets and grocery stores. Verita can export the apples, pears and grape species produced for the Turkish market in a 1000 acres of land located in Denizli.