Ramazan’da Sindirim Sorununa Taze Zerdeçallı Çözüm

In Ramadan, everyone complained about digestive problems, weakness and common problems such as halitosis are possible to relieve the medicinal herb of nature with fresh turmeric recipes.

At the beginning of the most reported health problems in Ramadan, digestive problems (indigestion), weakness and halitosis come. One of the natural ways to address these problems arising from nutrition and consumption habits is fresh turmeric recipes. The fresh turmeric, considered as the medicinal herb of nature, can be used in almost any meal. And it eliminates many health issues, especially digestive problems.

Healthy nutrition and diet specialist Taylan Kümeli, the three fundamental problems that almost everyone lives in Ramadan, noting, "mouth odour, digestive problems and weakness. One of the three problems of Ramadan, which can be a solution, is the favourite, a golden nutrient fresh turmeric, " she says.

"Fresh turmeric can be consumed both in the tea, and can be consumed by chewing," he said, according to the information given by the fresh turmeric coffee is mixed in, preventing the weakness. If you want to be protected from the smell of mouth, you can brew the Iftar tea, chew on the Sahur. During the month of Ramadan, you can avoid digestive problems in the dosage (daily usage amount 6-8 grams) and if consumed regularly.

Healthy nutrition and diet specialist Taylan Kümeli in Ramadan, to prevent water loss, to collect energy and to remove the smell of mouth fresh turmeric lemonade and fresh turmeric mouth mouthwash, which everyone can do in the easiest way in the house suggests;

Fresh Turmeric Lemonade

-2 tablespoons grated Verita fresh turmeric

-1.5 pieces of Verita lime juice

-4 cups cold water

-4 tablespoons honey

-Optional; 1 Piece of orange juice

Mix all the ingredients in a jug. We recommend serving with plenty of ice.

Fresh Turmeric Mouthwash

-A piece of about 2.5 cm in size Verita fresh turmeric (peeled and grated)

-250 ml of water

-1 teaspoon clove

-A few drops of essential oil
(You can use any oil to give it a refreshment)

Add fresh turmeric and carnet into the water, boil a stone and let it cool for 10 minutes. After filtering you can add the essential oil you want. Store in the refrigerator. Take care to keep at least 1 minute in your mouth when using.

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