Exotic Fruits Of Malaysia Are in İstinye CarrefourSA

Malaysia's world-famous exotic fruits, which are tasting in the context of Malaysian Days held in Istinye CarrefourSA, attracted great interest.

CarrefourSA is organising a special tasting in Istinye for the exotic tastes offered by Verita in Turkey to market and sales points. With its benefits both in terms of taste and health, the Star Fruit, which is consumed as popular especially in European countries, Jackfruit is known as the world's largest fruit while the cosmetic products in the skin are competing with each other, with its rich content Pitaya, which is the protector of the immune system, is the integral part of balanced nutrition and diet Pineapple, the miraculous fruit containing essential nutrients in terms of healthy nutrition, many fruits such as; Mangosteen, Cempedak, Rambutan, rockmelon, mango and Guava are being displayed and can be tasted Istinye CarrefourSA by the visitors.

The CarrefourSA tasting days, which have attracted great interest in the introduction of Thai fruits, has been offering new tastes to the consumers of Malaysia's interesting fruits this time. The tasting event will continue on Friday, September 8th at 12.00-20.00.

About Verita: Fresh fruit for 12 months
Verita, which started importing bananas in the 1980s, brings all kinds of fruit that grows in 6 continents, 36 different countries and different climates to Turkey for 12 months in regular, healthy, high quality, economical and hygienic conditions in all season. Verita manages the import chain to Turkey with its organisations in Costa Rica and Holland to increase quality and efficiency globally. With more than 30 varieties in its portfolio, it presents the "Fruits of the World" to the consumer's appreciation in every part of Turkey with Verita standards, especially in selected markets and grocery stores. Verita can export the apples, pears and grape species produced for the Turkish market in a 1000 acres of land located in Denizli.