A Rival Is Comes To Persimmon During Ramadan

The exotic tastes of the Far East are set to rival the persimmon during Ramadan. The benefits of tamarind, turmeric and fresh coconut fruits imported from Thailand by Verita are such that they will indispensable of the Ramadan tables. Health Nutrition and Diet Specialist Taylan Kümeli provides important information about the healing source and the privileges of these fruits which help to relieve thirst.

Be prepared to add new flavours from Thailand among the indispensable foods to the tables to be celebrated in Ramadan month. This year, Ramadan dinners may become more exotic. In this important month, you can set up a support team for fasting days, with tamarind imported from Thailand and especially known for its energy-giving, fresh coconut and healing source turmeric, which help with less thirst. Health Nutrition and Diet Specialist, Yaylan Kümeli's recommendations on these three fruits are as follows:


"Tamarind energizes, fresh coconut is good for thirst, turmeric protects bone health”

Tamarind meets more sherbet in our country, an unknown flavour as a fruit," said Taylan Kümleli, a healthy nutritionist and dietician who says tamarind is a known source of healing. It is known for its thirst-breaking, refreshing sensation, fire-dropping, as well as its antioxidant and weight-loss effectiveness. The sorbet is also very delicious and energizing. It's a fruit that I recommend consulting in maintaining body energy, especially during Ramadan, " she said.

Taylan Kümeli stated that the fresh coconut can be good for bone and dental health due to its calcium storage and with regular usage, it can destroy the germs and can be diuretic and also a warrior against cancer, is also known for young coconut.

In the content of the healing source of antioxidants in the consumption of fresh turmeric, the set of recipes giving; In fresh turmeric teas and beverages, he proposed in the dishes to enjoy the meal and to make the consistency of the sauce in a better state. It also touched on the use of bone health, especially in children. Fresh coconut Meles The belly fat and is especially recommended to be consumed as a complement in thyroid treatment.

"Discovering new fruits gives us joy"

İdeal Tarım's Chairman of the Board, S. Zeki Birincioğlu, said "Our country has come a significant way in recent years about the fruits and their awareness that grows in other countries except for their growing fruits. As Verita, we have a great share. We bring the fruits carefully grown by our certified farmer friends in 36 countries on 6 continents to our country without breaking the cold chain. We offer the best fruits that qualify to be Verita by passing through an extremely rigorous quality control exam.

We want to bring the fruit of the world together with everyone who loves to explore, and we aim to present all the fruits grown in the world to Turkey. The tamarind, fresh coconut and turmeric we brought from Thailand are among the most delicious and the healers of these fruits. To offer new tastes to our people alongside our traditional fruits, it gives us happiness to contribute to the discovery, "he said.

About Verita: Fresh fruit for 12 months
Verita, which started importing bananas in the 1980s, brings all kinds of fruit that grows in 6 continents, 36 different countries and different climates to Turkey for 12 months in regular, healthy, high quality, economical and hygienic conditions in all season. Verita manages the import chain to Turkey with its organisations in Costa Rica and Holland to increase quality and efficiency globally. With more than 30 varieties in its portfolio, it presents the "Fruits of the World" to the consumer's appreciation in every part of Turkey with Verita standards, especially in selected markets and grocery stores. Verita can export the apples, pears and grape species produced for the Turkish market in a 1000 acres of land located in Denizli.